Sermon Series

Throughout December we will be focusing on the Advents of HOPE, PEACE, JOY & LOVE. 

We invite you, your families, friends and neighbours, to join us for our in-person services.  If you aren't able to attend,  we also have on-line services that you can watch to stay connected.   May they be a rich source of encouragement to you!

Watch one of our previous services that maybe you missed out on, or watch one again, to glean more from a deeper study of the sermon. 


The Advent of Hope, Radu Pavel, November 28th, 2021



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As we look ahead to our vision for the upcoming year 'post-covid'; and as we organize our ministry teams, take the time to fill out the assessment called the "S.H.A.P.E. Test"  to help you discover God's purpose in your life.   What is God calling you to?  Knowing your gifts, talents and passions will be so helpful in finding the perfect 'fit' for you as an integral part of the body of Christ, and as we all work towards building the Kingdom together.  

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