Wilf's Retirement Fishing Adventure


Wilf, Lorena, their son Kelly, and two granddaughters, Heather and Hannah, had a fantastic time enjoying one of the gifts he received upon his retirement; a dream of a life-time fishing adventure!  Check out the photos. 

Fishing 1

All set to head out for their adventure.  Lorena, where's your fishing gear?!  

 Wilf & Lorena

They caught a few doozies.  And then thought they'd caught the big one with this lovely catch.... but..............

Wilf & Lorena

 They totally scored with this one.  It was the biggest catch of the day at over 8' long!  Hard work bringing that one in!

Wilf & Lorena

Everyone had to get in the picture!  
Enjoy your retirement Wilf!  We love you!