Ken & Yvonne

Ken & Yvonne Wiebe

Ken & Yvonne are serving with Christians in Action in numerous countries in Africa and the UK.

They have three grown sons (Richard, Shawn, and Kevin) who are married to 3 beautiful women and have a host of Grandkids!

In the 80's & 90's Ken and Yvonne lived in Freetown, Sierra Leone for 17 years with their three sons. They planted churches and discipled young believers until they were evacuated in 1995. Then in 1997 they moved to London, where they were in a position to provide logistical support to our Sierra Leonean colleagues (their wives and families mostly living as refugees in neighbouring Guinea). They are now working in part with SOMA, a British Anglican renewal ministry “encouraging, equipping, enabling, envisioning and empowering by the Holy Spirit, leaders for their mission and ministry.”  One of SOMA’s taglines is “to the places less visited”.

Ken & Yvonne frequently travel to Sierra Leone, Liberia, the Congo (DRC), Uganda, and Tanzania to take part in Leadership Conferences to train and encourage local leaders in their ministries.