2020 Christmas Project - BCMB Camps

For our Christmas Project 2020 our Broadway's Missions Team chose our BCMB Bible Camps. 

Currently five camps across the province serve by providing exceptional ministry to children, youth, and adults, sharing the Gospel, and giving opportunity for individuals to explore and express their leadership abilities.  They are: 

Camp Bob, Camp Likely, Stillwood Camp, The Pines Bible Camp and Gardom Lake Bible Camp.  

One of the most effective tools for evangelism, discipleship and leadership development is through the ministry of these camps.   How many of us have been changed by our own personal times at a summer Bible camp?

Yet, with Covid, our camps have not been able to host our kids since March 2020.  They need our help to sustain them, so that they can resume their ministries to our kids and families next year, once this pandemic is a thing of the past.  

*** We are excited to announce that $18,710 was raised for our 5 camps. Thank you to all who supported this endeavour.***