Christmas Project 2019

Christmas Project 2019

Tangible Practical Needs: Making a Difference

One Project. Four Needs. Countless Lives Changed.


*Update: The Missions Team is very excited to announce that we raised over and above our set goal for a total of $16,520.  We offer a huge thank you to everyone who donated and supported the project!  Please continue to keep these ministries in your prayers.

Broadway's Missions Team is excited to announce our Christmas project. This year our goal is to raise $16,000 to go in 4 different directions all around the world. Check out the recipients below and join us on Sunday mornings in December to see a video highlighting each of the following ministries.  If you would like to donate mark it Christmas Project 2019, or contact the church office for information on how to give.


Inasmuch Community Society provides transitional housing, settlement services, customized employment counseling and basic living support for up to six months following an asylum seeker’s arrival in BC. Their purpose is to create a family, a home and a supportive community for refugee claimants. Michelle Murray-Schlitt is working with Inasmuch as a house host, helping with the transitional period of these families.

This year Broadway will be providing funds to buy beds for families who are moving on to independent living. Helping with expenses like this will take the burden off of the families as they settle into their lives in Canada


Hungry for Life

Chad and Mary Martz have been a part of our church family for a number of years. We have loved hearing from them about their various ministry trips to the Ukraine and around the world. In one of Mary's trips to Nikopol she connected with two foster families who have twenty-two foster kid's between them. These families provide loving, supportive homes for these kids, giving them their best chance. The women have also started a ministry to support families of kids with disabilities.

This year we want to bless these families with funds to go toward a shared vehicle. Having a van will allow for simple things that we so often take for granted, like grocery shopping, going to doctors and dentist appointments, church events, and it will also help them in the ministry that they have started.


Josh and Esther Parpatt

Josh and Esther Parpatt and their son Gabriel are living in South Africa serving with YWAM. We have been supporting them for a number of years. Family life on the mission field comes with joys and challenges, much like any other family. Josh and Esther focus on ministry and serving as they balance time as a family and help Gabe adjust to living in another culture.

We will be supporting the Parpatts in a practical way this year by paying for pre-school for Gabe. This will help integrate him into South African culture as well as allow Josh and Esther time while Gabe is in school to focus on their ministry. This includes the YWAM DTS program, Membercare, and helping new missionaries transition to life in South Africa.


Camp Likely

Over the years Camp Likely has become close to the heart of many people at Broadway. Time and resources have been invested to make it a place where kids can go in the summer to learn about Jesus. Camp is a transformational experience for so many kids and in order for it to take place volunteers are needed to serve.

We want to help Camp Likely this summer by raising funds to support their summer volunteers. This will bless not only the kids, but also the volunteers who often give up the opportunity for a summer job in order to go and serve at Camp Likely.