Sat. June 1st - Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?!

Back by popular demand!  June 1st - GUESS WHO'S COMING TO DINNER?!

This is a great opportunity to get to know different folks from the church in a comfortable setting.  You can sign up to be a host and be surprised by who your guests are, or... you can sign up to be a guest and be given a'random' address to show up to and be surprised by your hosts. 

The sign up sheets are available in the office during the week, or in the foyer on Sundays.  

As a host, you determine how many guests you can accommodate, and whether you can provide for dietary restrictions as well as the time that suits best for your dinner.  

Sign up; and be pleasantly surprised by the lovely time you'll enjoy with someone you haven't yet had the opportunity to really get to know. 

June is a great time for a BBQ, or picnic idea. 

Call the church office if you have any questions.