Discipleship Classes - Let's Talk Mental Health

Join us Monday-Wednesday, March 4th, 5th, & 6th at 7pm to learn more about Mental Health:

Introduction to Mental Health and Wellness

Anxiety and Mindfulness:  Identifying and working through anxiety and worry encountered in life. Understanding the importance of “mindfulness”.

Cultivating Sacred Rhythms and Rituals: The establishment of rhythms and rituals can be unhealthy if kept for the sake of  checking off a box but on the flip-side, they can provide strength, structure, guidance and support to us on our  spiritual journeys. The practice of sacred rituals opens up an intentional space where we can meet God with rhythm that can soothe us. Whether in turmoil or calm, spiritual rituals nurture our innate longing to connect with the One who Loves us always. The observance and practice of holy rituals when gently held, encourages transformation and spiritual growth nudging us towards the heart of God; a direction that we either won’t or don’t, naturally move in. Cultivating and practicing healthy rituals and rhythms can guard us from becoming captive to more unhealthy habits that move us away from God’s loving intention for us; distorting our relationships and hampering our safety.  Let’s explore what this may look like with fresh and spacious hearts.

Explanatory Styles: How we interpret and therefore respond to stressful and often traumatic circumstances of life, comes from both the environmental and relational factors that have surrounded us. These form what is known as, our Explanatory Style. Let’s Explore what our personal Explanatory Style might be.


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