Discipleship Classes - May 7th, 8th & 9th

Please mark your calendars for these Discipleship Classes next week. They are a 3-part series for each of the classes, but if you can only make one or two evenings; you'll still get great benefit from them.  Spread the word and encourage people to come. 

Monday, May 7th; Tuesday, May 8th; Wednesday, May 9th @ 7:00p.m. each evening.

The two class options are out-lined below.   

Aging Together and Finishing Well

Navigating the Healthcare System & Fraser Health

  1. a) Independent Living, Supportive Living, Assisted Living, Residential Care
  2. b) Preparing for decisions all seniors make

Finishing Well

  1. a) Medical decision in the senior years
  2. b) Tough conversations with the seniors you love
  3. c) The spiritual disciplines of aging

Caregiving, Friendship & Community for Seniors

  1. a) Dementia roadmap
  2. b) Supporting friends and loved ones with dementia
  3. c) The power of friendships and church community

Facilitators:  Sharon Simpson & Trish Giesbrecht - meeting in the Sanctuary


Developing A Deep Personal Walk With God

“If you are tired of adjusting to other people’s definitions of spirituality,

if all the standard answers are not enough, but your deepest desire is to know God more...

This is for you”     Larry Osborne – Author & Pastor 

  1. Leave the Rules behind
  2. You do not need more faith or passion
  3. You do not need someone else’s habits or gifts
  4. Do not let tools become rules
  5. Is it a sin to be average?

 Facilitators:  Gary Simpson & Larry Osborne (by video) - meeting in the Maple Room