Christmas Project 2015

The attached poem is reflective of Broadway's heart for missions; reaching out to help others where needed.  Each Christmas Broadway prayerfully considers a 'special' project.  This year we are sponsoring a displaced Syrian family to come to Canada.   Read more about  "The Refuge Project"

Thank you to Brad Hagkull, who wrote the poem.  Enjoy!

Good morning Christ seekers
I'm up here again
I've spoken of Missions
I now brought my friend!

We've got good news to share
And we hope you will smile,
For this announcement will come now
In Dr. Suess style.

Good morning Church Family
You've seen me before
I speak about Missions
I'll now speak some more!

With Christmas approaching,
We've hatched some great plans,
To put faith in motion,
To be Christ's feet and hands.

As Mission Team members
Our ideas abound!
We looked for great projects
Until the right one was found.

Our year end is near,
and we do recognize
It is good to give gifts
Of a magnificent size.

Each year at this time,
We give to a need,
We think that this one
is the best one indeed!

There's 18 days remaining
In our Christmas Campaign
But the love you will show
Is sure to sustain!

Our project this year
Is no big mysteria
We're wanting to sponsor
a family from Syria.

The name, you may ask?
It's our "Project of Refuge"
Your involvement is crucial
Your investment is huge.

It's a family we want
A family to care for,
A family to welcome,
A family to pray for.

They may come from Jordan,
Or Lebanon or Turkey.
At this point, the details
are still a bit murky.

In welcoming our family,
There'll be lots to prepare
One big thing you can do
Is commit them to prayer.

They'll be needing some housing
Some furnishings and food
Our church can be Christ-like
In our attitude.

To help us along,
We'll need a partner or two.
We've started to work
With a church named, Mountain View.

Mountain View Church
has a similar heart,
They too want to give
A family a fresh start.

MCC has agreed
to help us with our plans
And wade through red tape
and uncuff helping hands.

Will YOU help us do this?
Can we get YOUR support?
Lots of partners are needed
With things of this sort!

The first step in this process 
Is raising some dough.
It's rewarding to give,
It's true 'cause I know.

Broadway folks we are asking
To generously give,
To a family who needs us
Make your faith active.

So if honouring Jesus
Is part of your thing
Consider contributing
Part of your bling.

We'll keep you updated,
We'll share of the ways
Of the cash that comes in
O'er the next 18 days.

There's envelopes here,
Just put in your loot,
And know that your gift
Will bear spiritual fruit.

Boys and girls, Grams and Gramps,
Even husbands and wives:
Your gift makes a difference
whatever the size.

So let's finish up strong
Our goal is so near!
We think this is the best way
To finish our year.

We're displaying love
We're showing we care
We're doing God's will
We're answering prayer.

We invite you to join us
Give some folks a fresh start
So pray and decide
How you'll do your part.

It may be with money,
but however you start,
The best thing you can give
Will be with your heart.

Written by Brad Hagkull and used with permission